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About Solar Boss - Florida Solar Panel Installer

We are a Residential and Commercial Solar Power Florida company that services Northern and Central Florida with the information, sales and installation of efficient solar array systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. We understand that it may be overwhelming when deciding to make the investment of owning your very own solar system. For that very reason we have state certified professionals file all paperwork from engineering, permits, H.O.A. submissions and even any Government incentive programs in which you may be eligible. From your first in-home consultation, to the utility grid tie in, we make sure you not only understand the whole procedure but are informed with the proper information to make the process as painless as possible.

Dear Future Boss:

May 15, 2022

If there is one thing that sets Solar Boss apart in a crowded market, it’s our customers. Most have already had an experience with high-pressure sales tactics, phone calls, and targeted social media marketing that promise free solar. These promises are obviously too good to be true, and, in our experience, people seriously looking to invest in solar have done their homework. They understand that there are significant tax benefits for their home or business and the environmental impact of switching to solar. This is when we get excited! It’s our opportunity to work alongside clients to answer questions about different types of systems, options for power backup, and even ways to drive their EV exclusively on sunshine. We want to help our customers make an informed decision about how they, too, can be a Solar Boss and put the sun to work!


Dana J. Arvidson
Owner, Solar Boss Systems

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